About me

A Jack-of-all-trades with a Masters in Computer Science and a minor in Data Science. I graduated from UMASS Amherst in 2018 and am currently working @Walmart Labs. My undergrad was done at BITS Pilani `

My name is a palindrome, and I’m a polymath and a polyglot. I aim to be an expert generalist across all the subfields and domains of AI, and I am perpetually working towards it. Life is a constant struggle between being a member of the community and standing out as an individual. I find a balance between both. I’m not big on introductions because actions speak louder, and I believe people should grind until they no longer have to introduce themselves.

My Mission

  1. To put AI algorithms and solutions into practice, while building my expertise and knowledge of best and latest industry practices.
  2. Publish innovative ideas and prioritize use cases that have high impact and low cost.
  3. Making significant contributions to domains other than computer science, by using AI certainly excites me a lot.

I have a wide range of goals, interests and hobbies that allow me to socialize well and fit in with a diverse group of people. Coupled with my wacky sense of humor and hard hitting logic, my words, etch my perspective into the reader’s mind, in a thought-provoking manner . Owing to my industry experience, I have

  • refined my critical thinking and analytical skills,
  • learnt how to effectively meet deadlines,
  • balance priorities while working alone or within a team and
  • collaborate with diverse groups of people to complete assigned projects and tasks.

I pride myself on being a quick study, willing to innovate, propose process improvement, contribute to a fast-growing team and take responsibility for my work.

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Contact Me

  • Personal email : snk dot nitin at gmail dot com
  • Phone Number : +1(408)386-2890

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